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Stylist LEILA BANI for SOUTHGATE CENTRE Spring 2013 Campaign

Stylist LEILA BANI collaborated with TOOLBOX CREATIVE once again, and styled the newly released Spring 2013 Advertising Campaign for SOUTHGATE CENTRE. Photographed by DAVID FIERRO.

Stylists LEILA BANI and SEKYIWA for MAPLEVIEW MALL Spring 2013

Stylist LEILA BANI, assisted by SEKYIWA, teamed up with TOOLBOX CREATIVE once again to create the Spring 2013 advertising campaign for MAPLEVIEW CENTRE. Photographed by DAVID FIERRO. Below is a behind the scenes shot from the fashion shoot!

Behind the Scenes: Model styled by LEILA BANI for Mapleview campaign

THEY REP Artists for BOVADA CASINO Campaign

Photographer DEXTER QUINTO shot the newly launched advertising campaigns for BOVADA CASINO. The four day shoot took place on location at Dolce Social Club in Toronto, with Styling by LEILA BANI, Makeup by SONIA LEAL-SERAFIM,  Hair by KATRINA MOLSON and Produced by GINA HOLE.


Makeup Artist AMANDA GREENWOOD, created all the stunning beauty looks for the cover and feature of Singer GRIMES, for BUST MAGAZINE’s April/May 2013 Issue. Photographed by AMBER GRAY.


LEILA BANI styled the current Spring menswear editorial, titled “Pleased to Meet Me” in MONTECRISTO MAGAZINE. Men’s grooming by SONIA LEAL-SERAFIM. Photographed by JASON WILLS.

Makeup & Hairstylist SONIA LEAL-SERAFIM for MIMI + ROYCE F/W 13

SONIA LEAL-SERAFIM styled the Makeup & Hair for MIMI+ROYCE’s current Fall/Winter 2013 Advertising Campaign, Photographed by CHRIS HAYLETT. Below is a behind the scenes video from the shoot.

Behind the scenes video from the shoot!

mimi + royce 2013 from Matt Haylett Photography on Vimeo.

Makeup & Hairstylist SONIA LEAL-SERAFIM interviewed for AG HAIR

Makeup & Hairstylist SONIA LEAL-SERAFIM was interviewed for AG HAIR and is currently being  featured on their site. For the complete interview, click here.

Stylist Sonia Leal-Serafim is a true leading lady. A master at highlighting the natural beauty of her clients and the ability to light up any set with her infectious smile has made Sonia one of the beauty industries most sought after artists. She has worked with some of the industry’s most talented actors, models and musical artists, such as Fergie, Ellen Page, and Coco Rocha, to name a few.

Sonia regularly contributes to Zink, Nuvo, Montecristo, Chatelaine and Fashion magazines. Her smoldering, sexy styles can also be seen in the pages of Playboy, Maxim, Umm and Men’s Fitness.

This jet-setting stylist has made her name living and working everywhere from Toronto to Lisbon to New York and San Francisco, but we consider ourselves lucky that she calls Vancouver home. We sat down with her to find out what inspires her.

Where do you draw your inspiration?
It’s hard to say, inspiration can come from anywhere for me. It can be from the clothing on a photo shoot, a time in history, or the seasons themselves. But more often than not, it comes from the person in my chair at that moment. It’s not uncommon for me to have a specific vision in mind, plan and prepare for that idea, and then once the person is in my chair be completely inspired by them and go in a completely different direction.

A style you’ve mastered and can do in your sleep?
I’d have to say, full voluminous movable hair that is low maintenance. Whether it’s in a studio with a fan blowing on it all day, or outdoors fighting the elements.

To get maximum full-body, movable hair that will last all day, start by sectioning off dry hair. The more sections you make, the bigger the hair. Then take each section and spray with AG’s Spray Gel thermal setting spray starting at the root and working down to the ends. Brush the section of hair thoroughly and then with a large barrel iron curling iron, curl the hair getting as close to the root as possible and then pin the curl to let it cool down. After the whole head is done and the hair is thoroughly cooled down remove all the pins. You can either use a wide tooth-comb or your fingers and run them through the hair. Then use AG’s Aerodynamics to shape and place hair.

Up and coming hair trends?
I was just in Europe and it was apparent everywhere, “perfect imperfection”. Young women, to mature women on the street, to fashion editorials. Up dos, short hair, long hair or even pony tails, there was always an element of “un fussed”.

Can’t live without product on-set?
AG’s Spray Gel thermal setting spray. It works wonderfully on almost every hair type. Also, in this business you can often find yourself working in very tight spaces where there is no air circulation or windows and some people are very sensitive to smells….. I always get compliments on the smell of Spray Gel.

What was it like working with Kit Harington?
Kit Harington was a favourite for all of us involved in the shoot. He easily stands out in my mind as a true gentleman. Down to earth, kind, warm and professional. He does have amazing hair, and I had to do very little to it for the shoot, just a little AG Infrastructure for some texture and shine.

How did you get started?
I got my start at nine years old doing makeovers to almost every visitor that came to our house…. My Aunts, Mothers friends, my friends…. You came to our house… you got a makeover.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

Favorite celebrity … model?
It’s hard to say, I’m so lucky to have worked with so many amazing people. But Fergie really stands out for me. She loves hair and makeup and having it done and will do whatever it takes to facilitate what you need to do.

What do I love most about being a stylist?
There are so many different elements I love most about being a stylist. I love the people I get to meet and work with, that normally you would never get the chance to. I love that every day and every job is different. Maybe most of all, I love how you have the ability to make people feel really good about themselves.


LEILA BANI styled this editorial spring menswear editorial, titled “On Hue” in the current issue of NUVO MAGAZINE. Grooming by SONIA LEAL-SERAFIM. Photographed by JODY ROGAC.


Here are some beauty portraits with Makeup & Hair designed by SONIA LEAL-SERAFIM with the gorgeous new GUESS GIRL, ASHLEY DIANA MORRIS. Photographer EYDIS EINARSDOTTIR.


Take a look at this video of STEVEN SCHELLING, as he reviews the stars’ red carpet fashions at the Oscars.