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Stylist SARAH DANNIELS is featured as the Guest Stylist on UPPER CANADA MALL’s new fashion trends video, directed and edited by POOYA NABEI, for SUBURBIA STUDIOS. Ontario’s Upper Canada Mall invited Sarah to talk about the latest denim trends and tips for Spring 2015. The video features Sarah, as well as Upper Canada Malls Marketing Director, Jennifer Kleinberg, where they discuss the best fits and styles for the upcoming 2015 spring season. All makeup & hair was done by SONIA LEAL-SERAFIM. Photo and video production by THEY Produce. #uppercanadamall #suburbiastudios #sarahdanniels #pooyanabei #sonialealserafim #THEYrep


YOU’RE INVITED! STAGE 6 presents: Thurs. April 16th, 6-10pm #THEYknowphotography

Capture 2015 Invite

ROTH and RAMBERG’s 1,2,3 Series

Check out photographers ROTH and RAMBERG’s online blog with their latest “1,2,3 series” on “The Jimadors“. Here is what the photography duo had to say about shooting the historic farming practices used to make Tequila:

“Jimadors are the men who harvest blue agave to be made into tequila. Historically, a man could only become a jimador if he was born into a family of jimadors, a very treasured position. These days, one doesn’t necessarily have to be born into a jimador family, however most that are, follow in their father’s footsteps.

The job itself is gruelling, they typically start before the sun rises in order to avoid the heat of the day. With a simple tool they cut the sharp pencas (the pointy part) nearest to them to ensure they are not stabbed in the face area. The tool they use to do this is a very sharp blade called a coa. After the plant is cut and removed from the ground it resembles a pineapple. It is then carried (some over 100lb) to a truck and taken to the distillery.”


Jimadors 1Jimadors 5Jimadors 2Jimadors 4Jimadors 3Jimadors 6Jimadors 9Jimadors 7Jimadors 8Jimadors 14  Jimadors 13 Jimadors 12 Jimadors 11 Jimadors 10


LEILA BANI personally styled STEWART BUTTERFIELD for the latest April edition of MAXIM MAGAZINE. Photo by Carlo Ricci

MAXIM - April 2015 Steward Butterfield


The THEY Rep office is now closed for the Holiday weekend and will re-open on Monday, April 6th, 2015 at 9:30AM.

If you are inquiring about ARTIST rates & availability, contact KELSEY SHEPPARD at For all PHOTOGRAPHER availability & PRODUCTION contact GINA HOLE at All portfolios are available to view online.

For urgent inquires, you can call Kelsey’s cell at 778.881.0085

easter 1


Top  Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist  SONIA LEAL-SERAFIM‘s beauty work was featured in WEDLUXE Magazine for the latest bridal beauty shoot. Styling by Producer Soha Lavin of Countdown Events and Photography by Leanne Pedersen.


Wedluxe 2 Wedluxe 3 Wedluxe 6  Wedluxe 1


ROTH and RAMBERG for the TRAVEL ALBERTA campaign

Advertising and Travel Photographers, ROTH and RAMBERG, photographed on location (obviously) and extensively all over the vast and beautiful Province of Alberta, for the  TRAVEL ALBERTA global travel campaign.



Roth and Ramberg_Advertising image travel 2

CAPIC/CAPTURE EVENT: “HOW IMAGES AFFECT US” Panel Discussion with POOYA NABEI and Contemporary Photographers

Photographer POOYA NABEI will be taking part in the CANADIAN ASSOCIATION of PROFFESSIONAL IMAGE CREATORS (aka CAPIC) “HOW IMAGES AFFECT US” discussion panel happening on April 15, 2015 from 7:00pm – 9:30pm at the SFU Woodward building.

The talk features “10+ influential, Vancouver based, photographers from different disciplines discuss how their photography impacts themselves and the lives of others.”