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Healthy eating Spokesperson and Vegan Salad Guru, CHRISTINA CULVER, is also the creator & owner of CULVER CITY SALADS- the health-cult-explosion-urban-food-truck-mania-sensation in Vancouver, Canada. Christina, in her humble beginnings, always grew up with a passion to create beautiful things: from her beginnings as a fashion designer, to working as the top Fashion Nail Artist in Western Canada. Outside of the fashion industry on her own time, Christina had always been creating healthy meals to eat for her family & friends, which years later, blossomed into Culver City Salads. Now Christina is known for being a leading expert in the ‘healthy alternative’ eating lifestyle.

After deciding to try the ‘Vegan’ way of eating and living herself, due to diet-health reasons (“I just felt better when I didn’t eat dairy, then I tried eliminating all meats and animal-based food products, and my stomach stopped hurting, my adult acne went away, I lost weight and felt like a new person”), she found she had to create new and well-educated recipe’s in order to get all of her nutrients. So she started creating these amazing salads and rice bowls, over-flowing with healthy and satiating ingredients…and then soon her friends were asking her to make them lunches, and then companies started to PAY her to make them lunches…and hence, Culver City Salads was born, out of a calling by people to eat healthy!

Christina has become their regular “go-to” health contributor for all things healthy eating – check out all these great articles that Christina has been featured in and interviewed for: GEORGIA STRAIGHTGEORGIA STRAIGHT: FOODTHE COURIERLULULEMONMY LOVE OF FOODA LITTLE MORE GOODROUND THE WORLD GIRLVANCITY BUZZVITAMIN DAILYVEG COASTDINE HEREYELPVANCOUVER IS AWESOMEWE ARE LOCALWE VANCOUVER and also on live TV segments Christina has demonstrated healthy recipes on TV GLOBAL MORNING NEWS and has also appeared on CITY TV’s BREAKFAST TELEVISION and SHAW’s THE RUSH.