THEY Rep & Sugar Studios Web Content/Social Media Manager position to be filled

THEY Rep & Sugar Studios is looking to fill our internship position! The position is a 4 month, 2 days per week (Monday/Tuesday 9:30AM-5:30PM) contract. While there is no monetary pay, the knowledge acquired is second to none in the industry. No holidays (except Stats we are closed), and must consider position as you would any job, we consider you as a vital part of our TEAM!

The position will include the following responsibilities:

•Assisting our Social Media Manager Amy Pearson with our social media, which includes the blog, Facebook, Twitter, and newsletter campaigns
•Sourcing/scouring/creeping content for our photographer’s and artist’s work for their portfolios
•Administration and organization tasks
•Maintaining and entering (in Excel format) all agency databases
•Daily duties of office management for THEY Rep including: cleaning and assisting Agency Director Jaime Jacquard-Sowa and Owner Gina Hole in all aspects of photography production and artists management
•Daily duties of office management for Sugar Studios including: cleaning, painting and assisting Studio Manager in all aspects of managing two photo studios


•Strong interest in management and production
•Familiar with using CMS (WordPress), Facebook, Twitter
•Strong interest in social media trends
•Strong computer skills
Must be familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
•Internet / research savvy
•Previous Fashion industry experience or knowledge preferred (or, we like to say “fashion obsessed”, just never…“passion for fashion”…)
•Valid driver’s license needed (car is BIG asset, you are paid for use and mileage)
•English language/grammar imperative, come ready to communicate! (Even if you’re shy, this is perfect for you as you’ll learn to talk fast!)

Submit resumes to with interviews taking place Monday, June 3rd and Tuesday, June 4th 2013.

The internship will begin Monday, June 17th 2013. Applicants must be available for 2 training days on June 10th and June 11th, 2013.

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