Vancouver’s Photo, Fashion and Advertising Communities came out to view our photo exhibition and event, #THEYknowphotography, as part of this year’s month-long CAPTURE PHOTO FESTIVAL.

We were proud to feature the work of photographers DALE ROTH & MICHELE RAMBERG, POOYA NABEI, DEXTER QUINTO, CHRIS HAYLETT and DAN AX. All these photographers are so very talented, not only in the art of photography, but they all too have masterful eyes, as well as mad technical skills…but this event was really just about them just getting to shoot what was ‘in their hearts’ and display them for their clients and peers to admire.

We love our partnership with the Lads at STAGE 6 STUDIO for their amazing (and large) photo and video rental studio, as well they lined up the STEEL TOAD BREWERY Ales and HAWKS VINEYARD wines! We also want to thank BEAU PHOTO SUPPLIES for lighting the show, as well as their CANON “SELPHY” corner, and finally ABC PHOTO for printing all of the amazing fine art/large format prints for the exhibition…THANK YOU again, to all of our sponsors! -Photo Agent GINA HOLE and Agency Director KELSEY SHEPPARD of THEY Representation xo



Photographers ROTH and RAMBERG:


Photographer POOYA NABEI:


Photographer CHRIS HAYLETT:


Photographer DEXTER QUINTO’s work:


Photographer DAN AX’s work:


The Vancouver photo community starting to gather at the event at Stage 6 Studio:


Photographer POOYA NABEI, Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist SONIA LEAL-SERAFIM and Stylist SARAH DANNIELS:


#THEYknowphotography- Photographer MICHELE RAMBERG, Agency Director KELSEY SHEPPARD, Photographers Agent GINA HOLE, Photographer DALE ROTH, Photographer POOYA NABEI, Makeup/Hair SONIA LEAL-SERAFIM, Stylist SARAH DANNIELS and Photographer CHRIS HAYLETT:



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