Vancouver Fashion eZine profiles Leila Bani

In its latest issue, VANCOUVER FASHION EZINE profiled stylist LEILA BANI in their feature article “Leila Bani- ‘No Plan B'”. In it Leila talks to editor MARILYN R. WILSON about her path to becoming one of Canada’s top stylists and what makes her job so exciting. Enjoy a quick excerpt from the article below and click here to read the rest.

“Fashion became an obsession for Bani at an early age. She developed a passion for the beautiful imagery in fashion magazines and began stockpiling Vogues by age 10. Some came by subscription, some were purchased and some were given to her by others. Over the years they began to add up. “I had stacks and stacks of magazines that I couldn’t get rid of. I still have the old ones but I didn’t want to be that crazy lady buried under a pile of magazines if there was an earthquake so I had to give some of them away.”

Leila Bani in Vancouver Fashion eZine